Aervoe EPS Foam/Concrete Adhesive

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EPS Foam/Concrete Adhesive is a
high-strength, industrial grade, pressure-sensitive, upside-down (inverted) spray adhesive. Provides fast tacking
and extra-strong bonding or laminating of expanded
polystyrene (EPS). The product is flexible for adhesion
to smooth or rough substrates and will not damage EPS,
such as pitting or melting. Blue-colored spray visually
confirms even application. Aervoe 8178 will provide
temporary, light-duty, performance or give a permanent
bond for heavy-duty applications.

Benefits: Formulated to bind both porous and non-porous
surfaces. Quick setup and inverted spray allow for faster
construction times. This industrial formula will resist UV,
heat, and water damage. Created for the user by providing
a stain-free product that has a tolerable odor.

Applications: Aervoe EPS Foam/Concrete Adhesive
can be used throughout general industry and construction
for bonding EPS to concrete and other EPS surfaces

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