Aervoe Lithium Grease


Lithium Grease is a long-lasting and
versatile lubricant. It is a translucent liquid with a light
creamy consistency that penetrates and forms a water-resistant protective film. NLGI Grade 1.

Benefits: Eliminates squeaks and squeals and will not
wash away. Provides excellent all-weather lubrication for
moving parts and protects against rust and corrosion.
Effective both indoors and outdoors in temperatures from
-70º to 360ºF (-56° to 182°C).

Application: Use as a start-up lubricant or for long-term
protection against corrosion. This multipurpose lubricant
may be used on a variety of metal-to-metal moving parts
including gears, ball and roller bearings, speed reducers,
cables, cams, pistons, chains, overhead door tracks,
hinges, cranking mechanisms, and locks. Safe on most
plastics, test before using.

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