Yellow Gas Tape

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UNASCOs sealing tape is a quality PTFE tape manufactured especially for use with all types of gases – except Oxygen. It has International approval, including Australia, America, Canada and Europe. UNASCO meets BSEN 751 specification and it is the tape that is coloured YELLOW, not the container, therefore it is easily identified when used in installations. Maximum density Gas Seal tape has significant advantages. Provides an impenetrable barrier to gasses and holds higher pressures. Not subject to cold flow or collapse and will not string or shred. Fewer wraps required, Unasco Gas Seal tape is 33% thicker than ordinary thread sealing tapes for even greater sealing effiency and its easy identify. Only Unasco Gas Seal Tape is certified by gas authorities world wide. No other thread sealing product – either tape, compound or liquid, has these approvals.

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