Sprayon High Performance Wet Lube

SKU: 0727 Category: Size: 9.25 oz
Pack: 12
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Sprayon High Performance Wet Lubricant. Contains a blend of PTFE dispersed into quality lubricating fluids and additives. Penetrates deep into corroded areas to clean and dissolve rust, grease and dirt, even in the tightest tolerances. Displaces moisture and provides a protective film to guard against humidity and corrosion. Excellent choice for electrical applications. Effective from -40°C to 232°C. Dielectric strength: 47,000 VPM. High flash point of 93°C. Exceeds water displacement requirements per Fed. Std. 791 Non-flammable propellant. Uses: Bearings, cables, chains, nuts, bolts, rollers, hinges, springs, locks, tools, guide bars, pulleys, sprockets, wheel hubs, electric motors, any sliding surface and garage doors.

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