Inverted Marking Stick


Two marking applicators for use with Aervoe
Marking Paint of all types. The #1245 Marking
Stick is best for long-length marks but can also be used
for writing. These designs feature our unique trigger
and grip for superior ergonomics for all-day marking jobs.
Design patent pending.

Benefits: These USA-made models are sturdy, yet
lightweight and can be operated with one hand for all
your marking needs. The elongated trigger allows for 1,
2, or all 4 fingers to activate the valve on the paint can
and the rubberized grip keeps the handle from slipping in
the hand. All of this allows the user to make many more
marks efficiently and comfortably throughout the day. The
#1245 Marking Stick also includes a rubberized wheel,
flag holder, and optional flag insert spike.

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