Industrial Adhesive

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Aervoe Industrial Adhesive (as compared
to 3M’s #77CA) is formulated for permanent or temporary
bonding of materials to painted, unpainted, smooth, or
rough surfaces.

Benefits: Its quick-drying, colorless & flexible adhesion
is excellent for bonding porous and nonporous surfaces.
Provides a secure bond for most lightweight materials,
and has immediate grab with low soak-in characteristics.
The adhesive stays on the surface rather than soaking
into the material for a stronger bond and more coverage
per can. Contains no chlorinated solvents or ozone-depleting substances.

Applications: Use for label application and bonding
cardboard, paper, most rubber and plastic, fiberglass, and cloth. Use on weather stripping, insulation, asbestos
containment, and removal. Can be used in the home,
office, or workstation.

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