Crown Anti-Vandal Spray


This industrial-strength Anti-Vandal Spray
removes the most stubborn graffiti, such as spray paint,
ink, crayon, lipstick, and pencil from all hard surfaces.

Benefits: The use of this product eliminates the need to
sandblast or grind marks off concrete and brick surfaces.
Leaves no residue.

Applications: Use on road signs, washroom walls,
trucks, sidewalks, public buildings, buses, bowling
equipment, railroad bridges, and underpasses. This
product is harmless to all hard surfaces, tiles, brick,
aluminum, steel, brass, glass, chrome, vinyl, enamels,
porcelain, marble, ceramics, Formica, and more. Test for
compatibility on synthetic surfaces, susceptible to solvent
damage, such as rubber, asphalt tile, rubber base paints
and plastics.

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