Aervoe Insulating Epoxy Coating

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A tough, flexible coating that protects and insulates exposed wires and electrical windings. Ideal for insulating coils, transformers and other electrical components.

  • Air dries in 15 minutes, hardens in 1 hour
  • Dielectric strength – up to 3,900 V/mil
  • Excellent adhesion and high arc resistance
  • Superior to lacquers and acrylics
  • Class F thermal resistance
  • Allows for motor heat expansion and contraction
  • Resists abrasion and wear; will not chip, peel, or become brittle
  • Resists oil, water, acids, and alkalis
  • Penetrates, coats, and seals in one step

Applications:  field coils, motor windings, taped coils, exposed metal, frayed insulation, pitted motor windings, bus bars and switchboard parts, transformers, commutator ends, sealing electrical and electronic components, collector rings, armatures, and inside walls of control boxes.

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