20 in. EZ Reacher / Litter Picker

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Safely pick up anything you don’t want to handle or just can’t reach. Avoid dismounting from your riding mower or sweeper to nab litter. Pick up objects as small as a dime, or as heavy as a 5-pound brick from your golf cart. Do that and more with the E-Z Reacher® grabbing tool, the most versatile reacher on the market. The E-Z Reacher is standard equipment for sanitation workers, homeowners, clean-up teams, gardeners, livestock handlers, grounds maintenance crews, and hospital cleaning personnel, and it makes a great gift for seniors as well. Uses: Retrieve jars and cans from high pantry shelves Hang holiday lights and decorations without straining or stretching Pick-up trash from roadsides and walking paths Remove debris from restroom waste receptacles Snatch litter from ponds, pools, fountains, and yards.

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